There’d be no sunlight

Thered be no sunlight

Just a brightly lit tower on the horizon at sunset, is it leaning precariously, or did it just take a step towards the water? Will you move closer to find out?

Here is my second painting in the new series, or third depending on how you look at it, more to come, anyway.

I recently acquired a very nice used filing cabinet and have spend the last few days setting up my studio in a more efficient way that satisfies my need for order. When we relocated from Texas I downsized, and some of my studio storage went onto the chopping block. My new filing cabinet cost about a tenth of what I got rid of in Houston before we moved, and is much better. One drawer for image files and the rest for work stuff. I am pleased.

I want to make a few tweaks and then I will be doing a post that gives you a glimpse into my work space.