Studio Tour

I promised to give you a glimpse of my studio workspace now that I have it set up in a way that makes it so much easier to work. If you look closely you will see some of my pieces hanging on the walls as well. I use the TV/DVD player to listen to music or movies while I am working.


Here is my beautiful new (to me) filing cabinet that has been the catalyst to my organization. I am slowly covering it with reference images and stickers. I collaged on some patterned papers to cover up the generic drawer labels that were still attached. It’s amazing how a simple cabinet can make all the difference.

You also get a great view of my cart which stores all of my enamel paint, unopened oil paint tubes, and my pallet and brushes. If you don’t have a cart to use while you are working, I suggest you get one, wheels are wonderful.

Under my easels I have two lovely fatigue mats, that in turn sit on top of a large rectangle of clear 6 mil plastic. Painting is messy. Art Tip: if  you get oil paint on your clothes, don’t panic, take them to the sink and wash all that oil off with whatever dish soap you have. I also clean my brushes with dish soap, it works great and doesn’t cost a fortune.


Another shot of my work desk, the small filing cabinet under the TV is storage for oil paint and gesso. There are three finished pieces hanging on the wall there and two, in progress, pieces on the easels.


Here is a better view of what I am currently working on. There are two more small canvases on my work desk that are up next. The smaller piece that you see on the right here is almost done. Just a few more touch ups and I will be posting it later this week.


I hope you have enjoyed my studio tour. It’s small, but it’s mine. Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you.