Based in Seattle, Washington, Melanie Sinclair creates art because it makes her happy, and she loves doing it. Working primarily in oil and enamel, she is fascinated with contrasts and dichotomies, from painterly to smooth, and dimensional to flat. Sinclair also loves watercolor, India ink, and photography, and designs all of her work digitally.

Influenced by great music, Sinclair usually titles her work from song lyrics. She doesn’t worry about motivations, she likes to work in an intuitive and instinctual manner, and if lucky, will later realize why a work was created. Sinclair wants you, the viewer, to decide what the work is about, that makes it a collaboration. Sinclair’s palette has been heavily influenced by Hispanic culture growing up in El Paso, Texas.

Through the voices of her characters, affectionately known as the Trinity, Flame Haired Girl, The Mask, Geisha Girl and others, Sinclair speaks about the human condition.

Sinclair is an award winning artist with an MFA from the University of North Texas. She has taught college level art classes for the last seven years, and is now making art creation a priority.

You may find her work at: