The truth is lying beneath the river bed

The truth is lying beneath the riverbed

A lovely little warped house sits next to an inviting swirly stream that runs off into the distance. Is that a storm coming on? If you take a walk don’t stray too far.

Here is a new oil painting, just finished today. The world is right again now that I have returned to painting in oils. Try not to panic if you like the watercolors, I am not letting them go either. The last few days have been the most satisfying in quite a while for me. I have four more pieces in the works, and I feel as if I am re-energized!

I am trying something new, I have set this one up for auction on the DPW site, which the link above will take you to. There is also a buy it now link for impatient people as the auction won’t start until tomorrow.

I am working on revamping my website totally, that is coming along more slowly as I am having to learn word press and some html to do it, but larger pieces like this one will probably be offered up there in the future. Do let me know if you are interested in one of the large oils on especially if you are in the greater Seattle area! I will be glad to provide a price list.