Mural in the works

I don’t currently have a studio, so my offspring suggested I paint a mural, great job Ethan, I am painting a mural. This painting is 15′ x 8′, I am using latex paint for the entire composition, and I have definitely left my comfort zone. As you can see there are two very large fennel shrubs that have been teaming with bees buzzing around soaking up the pollen from the blooms. The mural is on plywood, attached to the side of an alley facing garage, in the Gennessee neighborhood of West Seattle. This is the largest painting I have ever done, and it has been a learning experience. Previous paintings of mine have been 10 x 4′ max. I prefer using oils, but often incorporate house paint in my work. This baby is all exterior latex. I will keep updating here, but you can also find me at Melanie Sinclair Art on Facebook and Instagram. I haven’t titled this piece yet, but I will.