Lady Bug Box


Hello dear art lovers, I am writing to you from obscure unemployment once again! I was fired from my horrible menial job last month and I have miraculously begun to create artwork again. I realize that I haven’t posted here in quite a while and I beg your forgiveness. World domination is a LOT of work!

So I have some paintings ready to go, but I am always nervous after a hiatus and want to start out small. I am obsessed with boxes, and lately they are how I am expressing myself creatively. This is a box that I have collaged paper and plastic elements onto with gel medium. The interior of the box is solid black. The collage elements on the box have been coated with gel medium for protection and durability, it will be much more glossy than these photos indicate. This is a utilitarian, affordable work of art.  Find out more in my Etsy shop here:, and keep your eyes peeled for more boxes coming soon.

The lady bug was a former credit card inmate but I have liberated her from that prison and gifted her with a much more interesting environment. Let me know what you think of this playful piece in the comments if you are so inclined. See below for more images. Thanks for viewing and reading!