Past glories


Here is a very old piece called Jailbait. It is from, say 2003/2004? This is work that I did while studying at UTEP in El Paso, TX. This is a double self portrait, it is actually a diptych, that I allowed to be divided as someone wanted to buy the left panel but was too poor to buy the whole piece. I don’t know who ended up with the right side, as I donated it to a charity gallery show in Dallas. Alley House, I think around 2005.

Since I am still in production, I thought I would post some old work and give you a chance to see my roots. I just started a new  job (I really am enjoying it so far) and it will be a week or so till I am up to speed there.


This is a pastel drawing, another self portrait. One of my most influential teachers at UTEP was Susan Klahr. Her work was self portraits, and she had us do many of them and so it became a habit, and a bit of self exploration. She was a big influence on my artistic work. This is not a great image, but it is the ONLY one, sadly, and I don’t know what happened to this piece.


Finally, this piece decorated my UTEP BFA Exhibition show card and is one half of a diptych called Femme Fatale which was also the name of the exhibition. Towards the end of my tour of UTEP many of my paintings were done on oiled tarp, and not archival, so I ended up destroying many of them, and this was one. However I do still have many of these cards that are quite large. I should sell them in my Etsy store, they are a nice oversized 6×9 print, but they do advertise the show. Let me know if you think I should!