Hello patient art lovers. I have been working on a new piece, but I am not quite finished with it, as there have been some renovations going on with the plumbing in my home, which means no more sump pump (YAY!!) but access to my studio is limited at the moment as it is in the high traffic area near the restroom in our basement apartment. I stayed up really late painting the night before they started, but was not able to finish. sTudio

I would take pictures to share with y’all but am not sure how pertinent plumbing adventures are to an art blog, so I will, once again post this image of my latest work hanging on the wall in my studio.

I’ve been thinking about doing a blog post on the art that I’ve collected in my home, that will also need to wait for tarps and hoses and cords and tools to depart. In the meantime feel free to peruse my website if you haven’t already: or stop by to stock up on original art for the holidays.

New painting coming soon.