No one sings like you anymore

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I am taking you back to my Etsy shop again today to talk about some of my  print work that is available there as well. Some of these are intaglio prints and a few of them are paper plate lithographs, which makes them basically monoprints, and one is a callotype. I love to draw, I love black and white images as well as color.

Printmaking was my undergraduate minor, and I almost had enough credits for a double major. I changed my major back and forth from painting to printmaking so many times I am sure that the Dean’s office never wanted to see me again. I finally chose painting over print because my instructor at that time,  Kim Bauer, helped me understand that I was a painter. I was a painter who worked ideas out in print and then took them to another level in my work with paint.  These days I work ideas out on my computer, changing object placements, playing with color and texture, but I still sketch some things out. Drawing and mark making satisfy something in me, sometimes I just need that pen in my hand.