Did you make it to the milky way?



Araneae and her daughters might try to colonize your home when you aren’t paying attention, be very careful about purchasing this piece of artwork my friends, very careful.

This playful composition came about because I stumbled upon a found photograph of this characters’ face. She was strong, serene, and beautiful, and she belonged in a painting. I had also been playing with the idea of a character with multiple legs and the two seemed to fit together naturally. I made up for the lack of distortion in the architecture in this image by adding in the mutant tree. I originally planned for there to be three arachnotype women, with the third climbing up the side of the house, but she was not so readable, and in the final composition I abandoned her.

I have a bit of a funny story about this painting. A potential customer at an art fair in south Seattle last year wanted to purchase this piece, as she said Araneae resembled her daughter very closely. She only balked because at the time I could not take her credit card payment because I had recently moved and could not find my reader. I sometimes wonder what her daughter would have thought of her mother’s intended gift (i.e. you really think I look like a spider woman, mom?) Her loss is your gain dear art fans, though the above caution applies, be cautious Araneae is very fecund.