Creating Art

I am a painter, a feminist (that means girls are people too, not that I hate men),  a femme (that means female in French, just FYI), and a geek. I was at one point, seriously into the characters you see me posting images of, but I think that I have moved on to focus on the quirky landscapes that the characters live in, they are more interesting to me and have more potential in the long run. No less fantasy, just less traffic in my fantasies, though Flame Haired Girl and her friends will always have a special place in my heart, they have taught me what I need to know. So now, I am in the business of world building.

Throughout my life I have been seriously influenced by science fiction and fantasy so it is only natural that my work should lean in that direction. I am not a serious lover of Star Trek, or Dr. Who, I know, shoot me now! Those are my parents’ shows. I am an avid reader who is seriously disappointed by film adaptations. Also, brace yourselves, I hated all the LOR films (read here: over the top dramatic, snore, though Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen, yummy, made them worthwhile to sit through with my fam)  and I will do my best to avoid the new Hobbit films coming out.  I am seriously irritated with the new Star Trek films because they have used the reboot excuse to go back in time to sexism 101, all over again. Women in skimpy clothes, one female main character in a subordinate girlfriend role, etc. I am totally irritated and disgusted with it all, though the Audi commercial with old Spock vs. new Spock was supa coolness to extremes, see it here:

I am also not a bandwagon type of person, if I hear everyone screaming about how they love Show XYZ, that is probably a guarantee that I will wait until it is over and maybe check it out on Netflix in a few years. Is that smart? Not always. I am just ornery like that sometimes.

We need strong women role models in film, like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, Linda Hamilton in Terminator, and  Keira Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean! Bring me a Wonder Woman movie!

PS: I may or may not talk more about art at some point.